Sonic? The hedgehog?

Rebecca McGilloway & Braxton Jones

No Matter What You Like, Sonic has it!

Everybody’s seen the commercial with the two guys in the car joking around about what to order at the Drive-Thru restaurant Sonic. But what most people don’t know is they have built a Sonic not to far from Franklin, Ma. The location is on Newbury Street in Peabody, right off of the highway. It might be a little bit of a drive but it is well worth the trip. When you first arrive at Sonic, you might be taken back by the fact you can’t go inside! Unlike most fast food places, it only has drive thru orders. The difference at sonic being the fact that there are three types of ways you can order once you arrive.

You could first go through the regular drive thru that is just the same as places such as Burger King or Mcdonald’s. Or at Sonic, you may choose to go to one of the other options. The first is you park you car in the parking lot and get out, as you head towards the central building, outside you’ll see a large menu with a button that says “ORDER HERE”. Once you push it, someone from inside will take your order on the loud speaker built in and they will rollerblade your meal out to you when it’s done, and you may choose to sit on one of the many benches the have outside. The last option of ordering food is you pull your car into your own little parking space, there is about 20, and once again there is a large menu with a button telling you to order here. Somebody will ask you what you want and as soon as it done, they bring it on a tray to your car where you pay them and have your meal inside your car.

The best part about Sonic though is their menu that has a large variety. Expanding from the usual “cheeseburger and fries” they offer options such as getting cheese fries or chili fries, maybe if you’re not in the mood for fries, you want to get tater tots! If that still doesn’t sound good, they have many others sides like apples, bananas, jalapeño poppers and mozzarella sticks, As for the actual meals, maybe you’re a vegetarian and you don’t think there will be anything for you. Well, you’re wrong! There is items like grilled cheese and french toast sticks. As for the drinks, you have the biggest variety out there. Start with a base of limeade (if you want to get a limeade chiller) and then, you have to pick another flavor to mix, it could be strawberry, cherry or something else.

We know all of the students here at Franklin High know just what someone is talking about when they mention Sonic, but as for the faculty, most of them asked “The hedgehog? Such as Mr. White who says he doesn’t eat fast food anyways. But if you do, then sonic is the place for you to go and is worth the travel!