Led Zeppelins Jimmy Page Returns to Music Scene?

Matt Isberg

Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Paige will be planning a 2010 tour but it will not be along side the legendary Led Zeppelin after rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour have been dismissed. With Robert Plant working on a follow album to his grammy winning Raising Sand and with John Paul Jones involved with Dave Grohl’s new band Them Crooked Vultures it looks doubtful for Led Zeppelin to get back together for a reunion tour.

But Jimmy Paige has been working on a solo album the past couple of months and is eager to get on the road and promote his new cd. “We’re running up to Christmas now and next year I have every intention of playing music live and manifesting it,” Page tells Sky News in an interview last December. Yet there are still no details on what Page has in store for his 2010 tour, but with Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton planning a 2010 tour of the United States it is likely that Page will be added on to the bill.