Jump City: Seattle

Sean McKeown

Salutations Franklinites,

On Tuesday, February 15, Parkour and Free-running is coming to G4 with the premier of its brand new series, Jump City: Seattle. You might not have heard of Parkour or free running but you have probably seen it in movies or videos.

The website for Jump City defines Parkour as: “the physical discipline of training to make one’s movements as quickly and efficiently as possible while going from one place to another.” Free-running is the same thing just with a heightened amount of self expression.

In this new series, four teams will compete in a period of eight weeks to determine the best in this new sport. The show will feature two teams going against each other in two contests; a speed contest and a style contest. If they come up with a tie, they will go into sudden death.

This show is likely to be similar to MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Check out some videos of Parkour and Free-running to see if you’d be interested in catching an episode.

Pip pip cheerio,

Sean McKeown