Dude Ranch and When Good Kids Go Bad: Modern Family’s return to television

On Wednesday night, Modern Family returned for it’s third season — the same week the comedy show won four Emmy Awards. For the season premiere, ABC aired two back-to-back episodes that were exceedingly humorous. The opening scene of the first episode had the family out camping in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Gloria (Sofia Vergasa) was being hit-on by the cowboy that runs the local ranch, and her husband Jay (Ed O’Neill) tries to stop their flirting. Meanwhile, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) introduce their newly adopted baby girl, Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) to the family and contemplate whether they want to adopt another child in the future. Phil (Ty Burrell) continues to grapple with Jay’s treatment towards him.

(Here’s a link to video about the episode)

Episode two of the third season, When Good Kids Go Bad, was filled with just as much comedy as the first, but is also filled with some heart-felt moments. During this episode, Claire (Julie Bowen) goes to extreme measures to prove that Phil pushed her into a food display while the couple was grocery shopping. She gets a hold of the security camera footage and is able to prove her point. Lily tells Cam and Mitchell that she is happy being an only child and doesn’t want another sibling, which they find upsetting. Even though ‘Modern Family’ is known for its witty-characters and comedy filled episodes, When Good Kids Go Bad threw a curve-ball at their viewers to a more serious tone. But that wasn’t the last pitch of the game, the directors used Phil to set the tone back to humor. He is known to be a goofy, joking-around kind of  guy and he often finds it amusing to mess with his wife. Phil and the kids harass Claire by doing this whole nudge nudge, wink wink, bit about her always being right and feeling superior to everyone; which they found quite entertaining.

‘Modern Family’ is a classic show that is enjoyable for all viewers. I recommend this show to anyone who’s in the mood for some comedy and to have a few laughs.