Chest pains? paramedics? What has Ellen DeGeneres gotten herself into now?

Ashley Danello

Monday morning, celeberty talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, was suffering through serious chest pains during a production meeting with the Warner Bros. The pains were severe enough that the paramedics had to be called. Luckily she was able to tape a segment later that day to tape her next show.

She started the show off with a joke about how seeing as the rest of the tabloids are tellling viewers about her life, she should talk about it to. Throughout the show she was throwing jokes left and right, almost as if she was making her morning pains comical. I mean, who else is able to pull through pain to tape their show? I suppose someone as crazy and outgoing as Ellen can.

DeGeneres said to her audience, “So, I’ll tell you at the same time that they’re telling you. What happened was, last night I was having chest pains. So this morning the paramedics came to look at me. First of all, I’m fine. Let me just say, I’m fine. [Cue the presumable applause.] The paramedics were strippers that I had called. That’s how the rumors got started.” Then started explaining when she first had the pains, which had been the night before. She had woken  up in the middle of the night with the pains, but thought nothing of them because she had two cats on either sides of her. Then I got to work and it was still happening,” she continued. “I was still feeling the pains. So I was like, ‘Ya know, I should check this out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.’

“I don’t know what it is but it’s fine,” DeGeneres said of her current condition. “I have a baboon heart that I had put in earlier…It’s not true. But I want to say thank you to all the paramedics and the nurses who showed up and everybody and TMZ for caring so much…I appreciate it. Thank you!”

Luckily, the star is back to good conditions and is back in the full swing of things.