Long Live The Simpsons

Tori Moses

Rumors have been floating around this week about the possibility of The Simpsons being on their last season.  Cancellation reports surfaced Tuesday, October 4th, after Fox came out and said, “[We can] no longer afford to produce the show without a huge pay cut for its cast… We believe this brilliant series can and should continue, but we cannot produce future seasons under its current financial model.”


The Simpsons, currently on its 23rd season, is broadcast in more than 100 countries and 50 languages and has become a huge part of American culture, with the family even earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


But don’t go mourning the loss quite yet. The cast of the animated series has all reportedly agreed to take major pay cuts in order to keep the series alive. Not only will these budget cuts save the show from cancellation of its 23rd season but Fox has recently announced it has renewed The Simpsons for a 24th and 25th season as well.


One of my all time favorite Simpsons clips: