“Footloose” Remake Dances Into Theaters this Weekend

Molly Bond

A remake of the beloved 80s movie musical Footloose hits theaters this Friday, October 14.

The reaction to this remake varies amongst the generations. Those who grew up in the 80s with the original production, starring Kevin Bacon, have been extremely opposed to a contemporary take on the film. Director Craig Brewer has dealt with angry fans of the 1984 original movie saying that in adapting the old film for a modern one, he is trying to replace the classic.

Younger people of this generation, though, seem relatively excited for the premier on Friday, despite their parents’ objection. Sophomore Lauren Altobelli said elatedly, “I will go see that movie any time, any place. I’d go see it right now if I could.”

So why are the people that grew up with Footloose so opposed to a contemporary adaptation of the somewhat cheesy dance film? What have the fans become so attached to? The beloved back-story of the movie includes bad boy Ren McCormack, fresh out of the windy city, who moves to the small town “Bomont” in an unnamed state out West, where dancing and rock music have been outlawed by the town’s minister. Throughout the film, the rebellious characters of the younger generation have only one dream: to dance.

Why are fans so convinced that this remake will ruin the original? Do they think it will never measure up to the standards of the original? Or are they just scared that their beloved film will be one-upped by its own remake? Find out this Friday as Footloose dances into theaters.