The Twilight Saga Returns

Karley Newton

Even though the fourth installment of the Twilight Saga isn’t scheduled to hit the box office until November 11th, many diehard fans have already purchased their presale tickets, which went on sale in late September! With all the hype about the movies, it leaves many wondering, “What new vampire drama is coming next?”

The next film is a movie based off of the fourth, and final, book in the series, Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. However, because of the length of the final book, and the amount of important events that must be incorporated into the movie, it was split into two parts: meaning five movies all together.

Edward and Bella, everyone’s favorite vampire couple, are to be married, and the wedding sets off a series of events that will change all of the characters’ lives forever, especially Jacob, Bella’s werewolf friend.  Although sources haven’t given much away about the plot, all vampire fans are gearing up for the big premiere.

“I’m really excited about the drama” says a sophomore at Franklin High, “I’m totally team Edward, so it’ll be awesome to see them get married!”