What Are We Watching?

Pantherbook decided to ask the Arts & Entertainment student group this week about what’s been on their radars.

Leah Canonico-

Glee season 3(Fox): I love Glee! It sends such a good message – to be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough just the way you are. I’m also a HUGE chorus nerd (yep, I’ll admit it) so I love all of the musical covers. I’m always super excited to see new episodes. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys comedy and music.


New Girl (Fox):  New girl is a half hour show that’s on Fox after Glee. I decided to watch the pilot episode, and I was hooked! Every episode is HILARIOUS and the main character, Jess, is so relatable and funny. I always find myself laughing out loud! I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Sarah Fitzgerald-

American Horror Story (FX): Can I just say if you want a good scare, this show is for you. The show is new, extremely creepy and addicting, with a little bit of humor thrown in. The characters are likeable and the storyline is thrilling. I don’t get scared easily, but this show gives me the chills. I strongly recommend this show to someone with an eerie/creepy taste in horror.

Family guy (Fox): What a classic. This show never gets old and it’s almost impossible not to laugh.  The characters are all very unique and I would say this show is the best animated comedy show for adults. I always get a kick out of this show.

Catie Flaherty (Pantherbook editor)-

The Middle (ABC): Recently I become a “Middle” band wagoner because of the constant pressure from my family to enjoy it with everyone on Wednesday nights at 8pm. Never before have I laughed so hard while watching a tv show! The little brother, Brick Heck, is so witty with his outlandish mannerisms and clever catch lines. The entire Heck family goes through the struggles of every American family with high school children having a different problem arising each week. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who needs a good chuckle and needs a quick fix of sitcom television.

Cake Boss (TLC): If you’re hungry I advise you not to watch this show on an empty stomach unless you want to be drooling the entire thirty minutes. This season the cakes are bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before with different themes and over the top masterpieces.  I love when celebrities come in and place special orders to see what events are going on. The cast itself is a typical Italian family who add to the show with their hilarious antics and family dynamics. I recommend this show to any food-lover who wants to live vicariously through their television.

Tori Moses (Pantherbook Editor)-

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)- As a self proclaimed “anti-sitcom” this show is by far one of the best written TV shows and one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. It has the perfect amount of stupidity mixed with outright outrageous scenarios, which make it a flawless cocktail for late night television. I cannot recommend this show enough. It’s thirty minutes of non-stop laughs. And lets be honest, any show that makes you want to don a bright green latex body suit has to be a great show.

Whitney (NBC)- As far as sitcoms go, I am not a huge fan, especially if they involve a laugh track or live audience. But Whitney is the exception. I love this show. It stars comedian Whitney Cummings, who also created the show, and it is based on her life experiences and features some of her comedy act. The show has such a down to earth feel that I can’t help but relate to the main characters which makes me want to watch the show more. You should definitely go check this show out if you haven’t yet, you won’t be disappointed.