Marry the Night: A Review

Laura Cafasso

With a record 5 million views in less than 48 hours, as reported on her twitter, Lady Gaga’s newest video “Marry the Night” is one of the most bizarre but captivating music videos of this year.

From her Born this Way album, this is Gaga’s first ever directorial debut, running around 14 minutes in length. According to, it catalogs one of Lady Gaga’s darkest days, how she rises up, and also pays tribute to her home New York City.

Beginning on a gurney with Gaga narrating, viewers immediately are drawn into a subdue scene, not knowing why she is in a hospital or psych ward. She is noticeably bruised, depressed, and very quiet, not like the singer we have all come to know for being outspoken and flamboyant. She says to one of her nurses, “I’m gonna be a star. You know why? Because I have nothing left to lose.”

The video then rewinds to days prior, with Gaga yelling at her director on the phone, “But I’m an artist, what do you mean give up?” Thus commences a downward spiral of insanity, with Lady Gaga spilling Cheerio’s, splashing crazily in a bathtub, and smashing some of her possessions. But after she bleaches her hair and bedazzles an outfit, she leaves her torn-up apartment a new woman, never looking back.

The rest of video goes back and forth between Gaga sitting a car surrounded by flames and in a dance studio. With her song blaring and the mood triumphant, you have to wonder who wronged Lady Gaga, because this conflict and sadness lead her to be a major success.

“The video is about the broken bird going to the front of the class,” Gaga told Jason Kennedy of the !E Network. “It was important to me to push the boundaries, and inspire my fans to never give up.” She went on to describe how the video was all real, but it was her interpretations of reality. In the last scene, the camera pans to her hand with the words “Interscope Records; Hollywood, CA; 4 p.m.” scrawled in black pen on her palm.

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s newest music video?

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