New Disney Princess?

Karley Newton

That’s right! Disney has recently announced  the news of its newest Disney Princess, Sophia the First.

Unlike other princesses such as Cinderella and Ariel, Sophia is a younger child, who is meant for a much younger audience. Next fall, she will debut in an animated television movie, and after that a weekly television series, voiced by Ariel Winter, who is also on the ABC show Modern Family.

Her mother is marrying the King, and little Sophia will move from her house with a single mom, to being a Princess with two step siblings, Amber and James. During her transition period, Sophia will aim to teach her young views about making lasting sibling relationships, friendships with peers, and acquiring new life skills.

Nancy Kanter, Senior Vice President of Disney Television, shares her view on the new princess.

“Although Sophia will have plenty of pretty dresses, and sparkly shoes, our story’s will show Sophia, and our viewers, that what makes a real princess is what’s on the inside, not the outside. The inner characteristic of kindness, generosity, loyalty, honesty, and grace make you special, not the dress you wear.”

Look out for Sophia in her full length television movie in fall of 2012!