Tale As Old As Time, with a Twist too

Jordan MacLean

On January 13, for a limited time the “tale as old as time” classic Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast will be released into theaters for a limited engagement and in 3D. But another Beauty and the Beast movie will also be released on January 13 but this is not a movie with cute talking animated objects that sing.

Buena Vista Studios is releasing a Beauty and the Beast that is rated R. When the villagers of a remote village come under attack of a fearsome creature, the blame is immediately put on the Beast that lives in the forest on the outskirts of the village. The real culprit is a troll who is under the power of powerful witch. With the help of the Beast, Belle helps him clear his name and stop the witch before she can strike again. Warnings for the movie are dark themes and images.

 This version of the movie already came out in 2010 but in Lebanon. It is being rereleased into the U.S on DVD and Blu-Ray and not in theaters, so no competition for the beloved Disney movie. It will also be on the SyFy channel on that Friday as well, for those who would like the chance to see it.

 Beauty and the Beast in 3D is rumored to be exactly like The Lion King 3D, and only be in theaters for two weeks so make sure to go and catch it while its there!