There Is A Dictator Sweeping The Nation

Travis LePage

For those of you who didn’t watch the Oscars, you missed one of the best shows on the Red Carpet. Sacha Baron Cohen showed up in character from his new movie “The Dictator” He arrived with two women in costume, and a jar filled with ashes. On the jar was a picture of Kim Jong Il, making the accusation that his ashes were in the jar.

This was interesting enough as this movie has not hit theaters yet, and there was no reason for him to be there in his costume. Apparently though, he was allowed to walk on the red carpet after begging to be able to do so before the ceremony.

The most interesting part of Cohen’s appearance though was after he arrived and made his way down the carpet. When coming up to Ryan Seacrest, Cohen pretended to trip, and dumped all of the ashes all over Seacrest. Instead of apologizing for what he did, Cohen told the TV host, “If someone asks what you are wearing, tell them Kim Jong Il.”

Cohen is now banned from going back on the red carpet. This is a harsh punishment, but his actions will definitely live on in Oscar history.