The Birds Are Rising Again

Travis LePage

Up to about last week the Angry Bird “rush” has seemed to be decreasing. Not a lot of people had been playing it as new games such  as Temple Run and Jet Pack Joy Ride took the scene. In this past week though, Angry Birds have taken back the title as the number 1 game.

The developers of Angry Birds created a new game, that put the birds in space. within three days of the game being released, there had already been up to 10 million downloads. It took this franchise’s last game, Angry Birds Rio, a little bit over a week to reach this mark.

10 million downloads is a very impressive number, but it is hard for the developers of this app to figure out how much money that turns into. Iphone users had to pay $1 for the app, Ipad users had to pay $3 for the app, and Android users could get the app for free. Also, it is hard to tell how many users would pay the $1 for the extra hard stages.

This new game offers a lot more than the old angry birds. The biggest change is that now players have to effect the gravitational pull of different planets. Also, a couple new characters will be seen throughout the new game.

Where angry birds goes next is a mystery. So far, the developer is planning to make 52 two-minute skits to put out on the web. As for the games, these birds could end up anywhere.