Zak Borrelli

With the recent release of the iPhone 5, it seems as if most cell phone users are tossing out their old flip phones in order to upgrade, but are smartphones really necessary?

According to a survey done by Nielsen in May of 2012, over fifty percent of all cell phones in use are now smart phones.

“It calls and texts, that’s what a phone’s supposed to do,” said FHS Junior Emily Lavalle when asked how she feels about her current “dumbphone”, a term used to describe a cellphone without any characteristics of a smartphone.

Lavalle is one of the few who has yet to make the jump to a smartphone, but she isn’t complaning.

“If I need to look something up, I can just ask the other 20 kids in the room with smart phones.” said Lavalle, who went on to say about smartphones “they are definitely convenient.”

“On the other hand they are extremely distracting. Sometimes it seems impossible to have a simple conversation with someone without them checking Twitter or Facebook in the palm of their hand.” said Lavalle

While some feel no need to upgrade, others have made the jump and feel no need to look back.

“The iPhone can do everything my Alias 2 and my itouch did all wrapped in one” says FHS Junior and iPhone owner Cody Williamson.

And when asked how he would feel if he was forced to go back to his old phone, Williamson said “I would feel like I was missing out on the true capability that a mobile phone could do.”

Smartphones may be the future, but some are still holding tight onto the past.

Do you own a smart phone?


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