Musicians or Models?

Mike Schratz, Writer

Boy bands seem to be one of the most popular music interests of young teens, but the question is why? Some of the favorites include The Jonas Brothers and One Direction, both sharing many similar qualities and attributes.

“It depends on their looks, as sad as that sounds,” said FHS senior and known One Direction fan Kaitlin Copponi, “and their personalities are always really cute.” These musicians realize their strong points in looks and personality and utilize them to their advantage.

Girls ranging from 11-15 are where the most fans of Boy Bands are found.

“I also used to have strong obsession with the Jonas Brothers,” said Copponi. Most fans grow out of their obsessions as they grow older, while others never get tired of listening to groups of males harmonizing.

On the other hand, a large group of dominantly males despise boy bands, whether due to jealousy or just not being impressed.

“They get all this attention for nothing,” stated Eric Cohen, an FHS junior and FAA student, “they dont have any where near the musical talent people act like they do.” Up to date technology can easily adjust a person’s singing voice, and that leads Cohen and many other males to loathe this genre.

There is no question if boy bands gather attention offstage, but their musicality is unappreciated by a large amount of teen guys.