Boy Meets spin off

Zak Borrelli , Philosopher

The writers of the hit sitcom Boy Meets World are back with a brand new (well, sort of brand new) show titled Girl Meets World.

The spin off, set to be taped in February of 2013, was announced in November by Disney Channel.

The new show will focus on the preteen daughter of Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) Matthews, the stars of the old show.

Girl Meets World will follow in the footsteps of other shows that are spin offs of successful TV series such as Joey (a spin off of Friends), Pinky and the Brain (a spin off of Animaniacs), and All Grown Up! (a spin off of Rugrats).

“I enjoy spin offs because they show a different perspective of a popular show” said FHS junior Matt Baltz who says that spin offs give “a different interpertation of something.”

What Baltz said may have been true, but some people will never warm up to a spin off of their favorite show.

“They always ruin the TV show!” said junior Colin Brady who continued his tirade by saying “The spin off of Scrubs completely ruined the show for me”

So what do you think? Will Girl Meets World be nearaly as successful as the original, or will it be gone after one season?

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