An 80’s Movie in a Book

Devyn Forcina, Writer

Do you like 80’s movies? If you are a big fan like me, you will love this book. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell is not only an awesome book, but one of the most popular YA books out right now. If you want to switch it up from your normal reads, Eleanor and Park is perfect for you!

Be sure to read it before the movie comes out in 2015!

The novel takes place in 1986, in a high school in Oklahoma. Although it is a love story, both guys and girls would like this book because every chapter the narration switches- Eleanor narrates one, then Park narrates one.

This story starts on a school bus.  It is where Park meets Eleanor, the strange new girl with crazy red hair.

Eleanor is an interesting character, because she can be hard on herself, but also so strong and brave. She has to be, because she has a very tough home life and faces many struggles such as bullying and abuse.

When she got on the bus, nobody would let her sit with them. Finally, Park reluctantly let her sit with him.

Park has lived in town forever and barely gets along with his peers- he doesn’t fit in. For two people so different, Eleanor and Park are still so similar… two misfits trying to find their place in their school and the world.

As time goes on, they bond over mixtapes and comic books on the bus, and eventually their relationship advances from friends to more.  If you want to find out how their relationship continues, you should read the book.

The novel is often perceived as a typical teen romance, but it is so much more- infused with 80’s culture, and also some deeper issues including family life, body image, and bullying.

The book reminds readers that you never know what is going on inside of a person, so you shouldn’t judge them on what little you know.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful book that you won’t be able to put down, and you should definitely try before it hits theaters in 2015!