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All 12 Songs on “GUTS” Ranked Worst to First

Surprise – Neither “Vampire” nor “Bad Idea Right?” takes the top spot!
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19-year-old pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo is finally back with some new tunes.

In honor of pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo releasing her sophomore album and announcing a world tour, it’s only fitting that Pantherbook gives GUTS a review! See where the songs rank, what lyrics stand out, how the album is rated as a whole.

12th Place – The Grudge

Verdict: Look, it’s not bad by all means, but there has to be one song in dead last. “The Grudge” doesn’t add anything exciting to the album, nor is it anywhere near terrible. It’s mid.

Favorite Lyric: I try to be tough, I try to be mean, but even after all this, you’re still everything to me

Rating: 3/5

11th Place – Lacy

Verdict: It’s definitely a polarizing song that gets a bad rep for being viewed as the worst track on GUTS by many. Yes, it’s one of the album’s weak links, however, it’s still addictive and may grow on listeners over time. 

Favorite Lyric: I feel your compliments likе bullets on skin

Rating: 3.5/5

10th Place – Pretty Isn’t Pretty

Verdict: The lyrics are somewhat cliche, however, the message still rings true. It’s a cute little song that builds up as it progresses. 

Favorite Lyric: You fix thе things you hated, and you’d still feel so insecure

Rating: 3.5/5

9th Place – Get Him Back!

Verdict: Olivia’s whiny vocals on this track aren’t for everyone, though it’s aggressive and slightly humoristic tone make up for the low points. 

Favorite Lyric: He said he’s six-foot-two, and I’m like, “Dude, nice try”

Rating: 4/5

8th Place – Making the Bed

Verdict: This song is slept on (no pun intended). 

Favorite Lyric: And I’m playin’ the victim so well in my head

Rating: 4/5

7th Place – Bad Idea Right?

Verdict: It’s fast, fun, and perfect to sing along with friends in the car. Solid song.

Favorite Lyric: I only see him as a friend… the biggest lie I ever said

Rating: 4/5

6th Place – Teenage Dream

Verdict: The song ascends during the bridge. It’s reminiscent of how one may feel after hearing “Satellite” by Harry Styles in the best way possible. 

Favorite Lyric: When am I gonna stop being great for my age and just start being good?

Rating: 4/5

5th Place – Love is Embarrassing

Verdict: This is where GUTS dives into “elite song” territory. The beat in this one couldn’t be catchier and may trigger spontaneous dance moves at times. 

Favorite Lyric: You found a new version of me and I damn near startеd World War III

Rating: 4.5/5

4th Place – Vampire

Verdict: Sure, it may be played all the time on the radio, but it slaps. With all the allusions to Frankenstein and whatnot, it’s a great song for those few people taking AP Lit. 

Favorite Lyric: You can’t love anyone ’cause that would mean you had a heart

Rating: 4.5/5

3rd Place – All-American B*tch

Verdict: Miss Rodrigo put out some great social commentary with witty lyrics. And there’s some out of pocket screaming, too!

Favorite Lyric: I pay attention to things that most people ignore

Rating: 4.5/5

2nd Place – Logical

Verdict: It’s purely gut-wrenching (yes, another pun). Beautiful. 

Favorite Lyric: And now you got me thinkin’ two plus two equals five and I’m the love of your life

Rating: 4.5/5

Since there aren’t many free-to-use pictures of Olivia Rodrigo, here’s a Creative Commons image of her with Joe Biden just because. (Adam Schultz/Creative Commons)

1st Place – Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl

Verdict: Pop-rock perfection. No notes. Chef’s kiss!

Favorite Lyric: I’m on the outside of the greatest inside joke

Rating: 5/5

GUTS outshines its predecessor in every way with a cohesive collection of 12 quality tracks, mature themes in the songs, and stronger vocals. Even if you’re not into Olivia Rodrigo, it’s worth checking out since it clocks in at a mere 39 minutes long. Give GUTS a go before she stops by in Boston next April!

ALBUM SCORE: 4.1/5 stars

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