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“Legally Blonde” Review: Truly Electric

My thoughts on Franklin High’s latest performance!
ASA Photographic
Brandi Dumas, who stars as Elle Woods, shows off her fabulous pink band leader outfit.

I saw Franklin High’s production of Legally Blonde on Friday, November 17th, and I have one word. Wow. I was expecting a high school-level performance, but what I saw on that stage was mastery. If you didn’t have the opportunity to see it, or you just want a review of the show, then here is my rundown of Legally Blonde’s stand-outs, surprises, and details that made it such a great production.

I was blown away by the powerful opening scene. The stellar orchestra accompanied the professional-sounding vocals of Grace Olah as Serena, Ashley Mosher as Pilar, and Bella Nuckolls as Margot. Immediately I noticed the impressive set and lighting being utilized to focus the audience on certain characters. The energy of everyone on stage was electric, and the excitement didn’t stop there. Along with flawless vocals, “Omigod You Guys” held a magical on-stage quick change by Brandi Dumas as lead character Elle Woods. Following the breakup ballad of “Serious” was one of the most compelling scenes of the show.

“What You Want” was full of great costuming and equally great choreography. The dancing was flawless, and I was surprised to find that even acrobatics were incorporated. The cheerleading costumes, and especially Elle’s pink band leader outfit added so much to the scene that led to Harvard.

What first stood out to me when we were introduced to the Harvard students were the brilliant costumes on stage. The fact that the other students’ costumes were all neutral beige tones, while Brandi was sporting bright pink truly exemplified the contrast between Elle and her classmates, and in such a masterful way.

With the new setting of Harvard, we were also introduced to two new core characters with their own songs. Colin Joyce as Professor Callahan did an outstanding job in his song “Blood in the Water.” The singing was mature and professional, and it felt like I was really in that classroom. Following the Greek Chorus’s radiant performance of “Positive,” Mia Quinn brought beautiful emotion to “Ireland” as Paulette, adding a touch of true sadness to an, up to this point, otherwise cheery musical.

Sarah Dumas (center) performs “Whipped Into Shape” with her entourage of talented jump-ropers. (ASA Photographic)

On a brighter note, Will Heater, playing Enid Hoopes, gave an unwavering and hilarious line delivery of “Who’s calling Gloria Steinem a skank?!” I then got to hear John Fitzhenry’s skillful rendition of “Chip on my Shoulder” as Emmett, and being one of the first times we heard his voice alone, John did not disappoint. 

As Act One came to a close with “So Much Better” as a perfect placeholder, I could hardly wait for Act Two.

I was absolutely amazed by what I saw in Act Two’s opening, “Whipped Into Shape.” Performing what was possibly my favorite scene of the night, Sarah Dumas as Brooke Wyndham led a group of dancers through an intricate series of jump rope tricks, all while singing and dancing. From double jumps to criss-crossed cords, I still struggle to comprehend the time and effort that went into making this scene a reality.

After Reece Lorenzo’s unforgettable runway walk as Kyle, I got to see “Bend and Snap:” a funny and lighthearted hit. Grace Olah’s energy and enthusiasm shined in this song, and the choreography was delightful. Keeping the positivity going came the comical masterpiece of “There Right There.” Liam Sinotte dazzled the audience with his perfect depiction of Nikos.

Grace Olah (center) showcases her vocal and dance skills as Serena. (ASA Photographic)

The song “Legally Blonde” was performed by Brandi Dumas with such emotion and such beautiful vocals, that there was no better way to tie in a more serious tone. This song that followed Elle’s unconsentual kiss from her professor brought the plot from a solely fun and exciting story to a lament for girlhood and what true feminism means, and it was done so tastefully.

The cast’s portrayal of the finale “Find My Way:” was the perfect way to conclude a nothing-less-than-perfect show.

In conclusion, FHS’s production of Legally Blonde was incredible. I was most impressed by the choreography and dance skills of the cast. The sheer professionalism I saw on stage did not go unnoticed. There was not one second of the show in which I felt bored, not to mention the captivating performances by furry friends Lexi and Ruby as Bruiser and Rufus. The actors’ beautiful representation of this show left me filled with inspiration for the future of art, and the future of women in law! I applaud the show’s director, Mr. Grossman. I could talk about every brilliant detail for hours; I’ve only been able to scratch the surface of this production’s feats.

My rating: 10/10

About the Contributor
Penny Keenan, Writer
Currently a freshman at FHS, this is Penny's year with Pantherbook. She has always had a passion for writing and other forms of art. Penny is also part of A World of Difference. In her free time, she likes to hike, crochet, paint, go thrift shopping, and listen to/make music. She enjoys writing about her favorite hobbies and looks forward to bringing new topics into her Pantherbook articles.