The Primary Voting is Settling Down

Travis LePage

Super Tuesday was yesterday, and the stakes are getting higher. For the past few weeks Rick Santorum has been chasing the front runner Mitt Romney, but now he is really starting to fall behind.

Romney so far has won Ohio,Alaska,Idaho,Vermont,Virginia and his home-state of Massachusetts. Santorum on the other hand has won North Dakota,Oklahoma and Tennessee. Without Ohio though, Santorum will have a hard time getting up to Romney’s level.

Now, eight months from Election Day, Romney has really widened his lead in delegates to the nominating convention that will pick the Republican to go up against Obama. Now, it is starting to look impossible for any Republican candidate to beat Romney, including Santorum.

Santorum still believes that he can beat Romney though. He believes that even with all the losses last night, he will still be able to win over a great deal of small towns that will translate to winning some key states.

Gingrich, a strong candidate a couple of weeks ago, has really fallen behind in the polls again as he only won Georgia yesterday. Gingrich is scolding the media for this loss, blaming them for saying that he was counted out again and again.

Ron Paul has really fallen off the path, since he has yet to win a state in this primary. He is still trying for his campaign though, as he believes his army of young voters can over come the other candidates.

Make sure to still tune in to see which candidate wins over the other states.