Why Romney is the Right Choice for President

Jack Duffy

Mitt Romney is currently the only candidate running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  If all turns out as planned, he will face off against Barack Obama for President in this November’s election.

Romney, a native of Michigan, is our former governor of Massachusetts.  He is 65 years old and is the son of a former governor of Michigan.  He tried an election run in 2008 but he failed to garner the attention that he attained this year.  He is more of a moderate republican, so he is conservative on social issues, such as the banning of gay marriage, and independent on economic and federal issues.

Many students will be able to vote next year for the election.  You will have the choice of voting for these candidates.  So, the question is:

Why is Mitt Romney the best candidate we have in the upcoming presidential election?

Simply, the Economy.

The current unemployment rate of the United States is at one of its highest rates in the history of the country.  While this number is lower than a few years ago, this is still unacceptable in this time.

What will Romney do to fix it?  Well, he has already done it once before in Massachusetts.  During his tenure as Massachusetts governor, he came in with a large deficit in state government spending.  By the end of his years as governor, he was able to decrease the deficit and create a surplus for the government.  He definitely has a background at improving the economy.

Romney has new visions for America’s essential aspects to the economy, including tax reform, spending reform, and working on creating more jobs for Americans.  On Romney’s campaign website, he goes into detail about these issues: why Obama failed, and what he will do to improve the economy.  For example, he goes into detail about how Obama promised higher taxes with spending cuts to lower the deficit, but has not provided such promise.

Romney’s plan also involves decreasing the size of the government in order to cut the federal deficit.  Obama has not improved this at all since he relied on the stimulus package, which did not help jobs as expected and vastly increased the size of the government.

Amongst Romney’s other issues, he does not want drastic change for most, but a strengthening in the policies of each, such as in Medicare and health care in general.

Obama promised change, but he did not bring it to the American people.  Why not let Romney bring change to the American people by bettering the economy?