Obama and Romney Head for the Stretch Run

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

After a year of debating, campaigning and persuading the Presidential election has come down to the most crucial part. The home stretch. With less then a month to go before election day, Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are only percentage points off of each other in the popular vote and seem deadlocked in polls around the United States.

An election that has had it share of twists and turns never had big expectations coming into it. A race that looked like it would be a runaway for President Barack Obama has turned into a classic knockdown, drag out heavyweight fight to the finish.

In the beginning President Obama held a firm and big enough gap over Romney and  his supporters . A gap that has almost entirely been made up over the last two months with Romney’s convincing win over Obama in their debate on live television last week and Romney new ideas of change in economy and immigration laws.

“I’m definitely a fan of Obama”  Franklin High School Senior Josh Klingenstein Said “I think with Romney’s plan of cutting taxes is great but he really doesn’t have a plan to make up for that deficit and without that deficit made up it will come back and hurt the middle class.”

Romney has  a full head of steam and is gaining momentum and support by the day, momentum that could carry him all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue in January. The only thing that could stop Romney is his unclear issues of Abortion, immigration laws and tax reduction.

While on the Obama side the thing to watch will be whether or not the President can rebound from the defeat in last week’s debate and if he can counter against Romney and gain back the momentum he had for most of the year.

“I think it will be very interesting to hear what the two will say from here on out” Klingenstein said “I think that whoever can win this next month will have the best chance in winning the election.”

The next month will be very crucial in deciding who will win and take the inauguration speech in January. With another debate and a month left of campaigning this race is far from over but it has entered the time that everyone has been waiting for, crunch time.

Do you think the race between Romney and Obama has been fun to watch so far?


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