Felix’s Fall of a Lifetime

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

I am sure that the person reading this does not think of the word fall, as a good thing…probably tripping or falling off something comes to mind. However this man Felix Baumgartner had the actual fall of a lifetime as he fell from the edge of the earth, something no one has ever done.

A live feed followed Baumgartner (try and pronounce that name why don’t ya!), daredevil from Austria, as he took a 24 mile free fall from the legit, edge of the earth.  He was being sponsored by Red Bull and then became the first human being to travel faster than the speed of sound without the assistance of a craft.

Four minutes and 20 seconds of his life were spent falling from the sky as he reached a speed of March 1.24 or 833.9 miles per hour.

Without the actual data being released he has been said to have broken three records. These records are the highest jump from a platform, the longest free fall without a parachute and the highest vertical velocity.

He acts as a very humble man not worrying about the records, he was simply excited to be on the top of the world and hoped to finish the journey alive.

“Hard to describe” because he “didn’t feel it at all.” is what Baumgartner said to The Washington Post when asked how it felt to travel faster than light.

“I think its cool how he broke the sound barrier, something that has never been done before,” Rachel Balon, junior at Franklin high school.

Tons of videos have been posted on Youtube some showing his actual fall and others showing the preparation. After all was done he also participated in press conferences, which also were posted all over the internet.

This accomplishment is something the man should be beyond proud of, whats next from this stunt stunner?

(http://www.andilit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/felix-baumgartner-space-jump.jpg: picture came from this site)

Would you ever want to free fall just as this man did if you were eligable?


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