Obama vs. Romney vs. Hurricane Sandy

Michaela Shimkus, Writer

While the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has certainly been making headlines this past week, its’ strong winds and heavy rain also managed to blow the presidential campaign off course.

Just a week before the election, the presidential race was brought to a screeching hault, (temporarily of course).

But how much will this effect the results of the presidential election?

Well, due to the threat of the storm early last week, both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney made the decision to cancel several of their rallies in the east coast on Monday 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30.

Mitt Romney canceled his rallies in both New Hampshire and Virginia, which are both considered swing states. With no time to return to the east coast before Elections this Tuesday, this loss of campaign time may have negatively affected Mr. Romney.

Obama on the other hand has been affected both positively and negatively by Hurricane Sandy. The president decided to cancel appearances in Orlando, Ohio and Virginia, which are all swing states.

Although Obama couldn’t make it to the last  of the campaign rallies (which may negatively affect the outcome of the election), he made the decision to return to Washington D.C to assure the safety of his country during the Hurricane.

President Barak Obamas’ choice to cancel his appearences  in order to take care of the damage afflicted on the East Coast has won the appreciation of many citizens, as he took charge and control like a leader should.

His actions may have helped undecided voters make a decision.

Both candidates have tried hard to make up for their lost campain stops by making last minute commercials and radio adds, which of course still may not be seen by their targeted swing states, as many citizens are still without power.

With the campain already practically too close to call , nobody can be sure of how much last week’s storm affected the poll results.

So registered voters, whether you’re decided or not, get ready, because Election day is just a day away!


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