A Secret Santa

Brittany Landry

A Missouri man disguised as a “Secret Santa ” plans on giving away $100,000 to victims affected by Hurricane Sandy this holiday season.

This man dressed as the famous Santa Clause is working his way around Salvation Armies in New Jersey giving many victims hundred dollar bills.

Although Hurricane Sandy did not traumatize the Massachusetts area, areas such as New Jersey and New York are severely damaged.

Many families are not going to have that much of a holiday season this year.

“It’s awesome that a random guy would give away his own money to help people during this time of year” says Christine Delay, sophomore at Franklin High.

The man behind all these wonderful acts of kindness refuses to revile his identity to the public. With his generous donations to the public, this masked Santa is showing the true meaning of Christmas.

“People should really learn from this guy, he is being a role model for others. I think that that’s a nice thing to do and it would help the kids have hope for a nice Christmas” says Delay.

This random act of kindness will surely help to bring a little more Christmas joy into these victim’s every day lives before the holidays.

As “Santa” handed out the cash to citizens of New Jersey he was surrounded by security to protect him and his valuable money.

This anonymous man decided to hand out his money in honor of his late friend who once also gave away money to random strangers during the holiday seasons. Even with his contributions, this Santa has made a huge impact in society already.


what random act of kindess are you going to do for the holidays?


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