Monopoly Makeover!

Zak Borrelli, Professional Water Boiler

Whether you love spending hours building your empire or end up flipping the board after five frustrating minutes, everyone knows the board game Monopoly.

But the game everyone grew up playing is in for a change, as Hasbro has announced that they plan on replacing one of the tokens.

“They better not take the race car out, I’m ALWAYS the race car” says FHS junior Jack Riedel. Passionate fans need not worry about losing their favorite game piece as they will have the chance to vote off their least favorite game piece.

“I’m happy the fans of the game have a say in which piece will stay and which will go” continued Riedel.

Not only do fans get to pick which token gets the boot, but they also get to pick the newest game token. The choices for the new game piece include

  • Cat
  • Ring
  • Guitar
  • Helicopter
  • Robot

“I’m voting for the robot, lets see them try to put a robot in jail!” says sophomore Matt Sheedy who is glad the board game is trying to make the game more modern.

“No one wants to pick something like a thimble, unless you want to lose” continued Sheedy.

The new Monopoly game will hit the shelves toward the middle or end of the year and Hasbro has already announced plans to release a “Golden Token Edition” later this year that will include all of the classic pieces as well as the five new tokens.

Fans can vote on Facebook for what piece they want removed and what piece they want added, voting ends February 4th!

Which new Monopoly piece do you want to see?


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