Justin Bieber for the Good


The student government at Tenino High School, located in Washington, wanted to raise money for charity and thought Justin Bieber could possibly help. What they ended up doing was playing one of Bieber’s songs over the school’s loudspeakers, over and over again, and made people pay money for it to stop.

FHS freshman, Maddie Levine, comments “I think this school came up a very good idea.”

Students who came up with this idea said that if they play one song repeatedly, it would get stuck in people’s heads and then all they would want to do is get it to stop, even if they had to pay money to do so.

The high school’s student government played Bieber’s song, “Baby”, to raise money for Crossover International Academy, located in Ghana, who provides an education for more than 250 orphans.

This past Monday, the students started their experiment. The song played at every 5-minute passing times and played over and over again at the lunch times. The only way to stop this was for both, teachers and students, to raise $500 for the school in Ghana. And it happened. Bieber’s song stopped playing by Tuesday afternoon and they actually went past their goal with $1,000! 

Freshman, Abby Leazott says “I think it’s a good idea because I do not like Justin Bieber anymore and this school is using his music to do a good thing.”

And lastly, Jess Gullak, replies “I think its a good idea because it can raise money for a cause in a non-harmful way.”

The school says that they would definitely do something like this again.