Honey Maid: Sweet Message of Love

Hate turned to love Photo by HoneyMaid

Hate turned to love Photo by HoneyMaid

Erin Ohnemus

Honey Maid, a company known for selling various forms of graham crackers, recently produced a campaign embracing families of all kinds. They called this the “This is Wholesome” campaign and promotes equality. In this commercial it depicts a biracial family, same sex couple, and a tattooed mother. After the commercial airing, some groups did not approve of the depiction of a same sex family.

Negative comments were shared on social media by individuals and organizations, such as The American Decency Association, who did not approve that a same sex family was considered “wholesome”. People labeled the family in the commercial as “not wholesome”, “horrible”, “disgusting”, and more. Instead of reacting poorly or not responding at all, the Honey Maid company took these negative comments to create something beautiful.

Screenshots of theses negative comments were printed off, and rolled into scrolls that artists then used to spell out the word LOVE.

Soon after many positive messages were sent to Honey Maid, almost ten times as many than the number of hateful messages originally received. “Family is family”, “It makes my heart happy”, “beautiful”, and “amazing”, were the messages that Honey Maid proudly received, the ones they were originally aiming for.

Watch the video telling this powerful the story!