Coming Soon: Starbucks

Alycia Felli

Mid- April, the proposed plan for a new commercial development on Old West Central surfaced. Supposedly, a Starbucks is to open, and will include a drive through lane along Rte. 140.

Starbucks, being one of the most popular coffee shop franchises in the world, will evidently attract massive amounts of customers. The closest one is a town away in Medway, and seems to attract a multitude of Franklin Customers.

“Adding a Starbucks to Franklin would definitely create a lot of business and commerce for the Town of Franklin and of course, Starbucks themselves.” says Jackson Montgomery.

Aside from the economical perks of installing a chapter in its franchise, Starbucks is extremely popular amongst high school students.

“I only get coffee from Starbucks… I mean Dunkin’s ok, but Starbucks is better.” Argues Starbuck- addict Parker Halliday.

The menu has a very wide variety- much more than Honey DewDunkin’, or Panera.

“I like green tea anything from Starbucks, especially their Green Tea Frappuccino.” Comments Brayden Downing.

In this new development, there will be room for another fast-food joint. Rumors have included a Noodle Cafe or a Dairy Queen.

There may also be a retail store and a walk in medical clinic in addition to the food joints.

To read more about the speculating plans, read Matt Tota’s article here.