Quinnipiac Bomb Threat

On Sunday May 18th, the Quinnipiac University graduation ceremony was quickly postponed when bomb threats were called in.

However these bomb threat reports were coming from, Danielle Shea, who was in attendance of the graduation in a cap and gown.

Shea had dropped out of school after her junior year. Her parents had given her money to pay for school, and Shea took the money to use for herself.

She obviously did not want her parents to realize that she was no longer attending the university, so she bought a cap and gown and invited them to her ‘graduation’. But when parents of Shea did not see her name in the program, she panicked.

Danielle called a first time saying that there was a bomb in the library, and a second time to question why they were not putting a stop to the graduation.

According to The Boston Globe Shea said she, “panicked and made a mistake”.

Senior at FHS and future Quinnipiac student, Tatyanna Youssef commented:

“I was terrified when I first heard it on the news, but was some what relieved when I figured out that it was just a scam. I’m still looking forward to my next four years at Quinnipiac.”

She was arraigned in Meriden Superior Court on charges of first-degree threatening and falsely reporting an incident, and is due back in court on June 2nd.