MediaCAST Technology Has Entered FHS

Kyle Arena

The new MediaCAST system will be installed and operational later this year. It exists as an enormous database of information for documents at FHS to be stored.

According to the MediaCAST Website: “MediaCAST is an open and interoperable digital content management and video streaming solution.” This means that the teachers and students of FHS will be able to share content in the form of files as well as videos.

With the MediaCAST system, files can be added over the course of the school year, slowly building a database with terabytes of resources for teachers and students. This will allow teachers in a specific subject to collaborate by creating a folder of information that is easily accessible. Overtime, the information will grow and even the most specific topics will have a place in the database.

Included in the system is the ability to stream video both live and recorded through the televisions in the school. Right now, PowerPoint slides are the only information being projected, but audio based information could be used in the near future. Ms. Buck, an application support specialist, said: “The capabilities in the system are phenomenal.” Buck also stated that for events like student produced videos and sports events, the system could allow community access.

The MediaCAST system allows for a seemingly endless amount of media to be shared, but Buck warned that copyright laws must be kept in mind. User created content will likely be available for download, but outside sources will not. Content that is produced outside of FHS may be available only to view a limited amount of times, and will not be available for copying by students and teachers.

The foundation of the MediaCAST system has been put into place at FHS, although the community has only heard rumors of what it can do. Over the course of the following months and years, it will be integrated into the new technology based learning environment.