Enough Time Between Classes?

Since the school has decided to get rid of the 8 minute break is the 5 minute passing enough time to get to class?

Due to the new schedule the passing times have changed. There used to be an 8 minute break, all the kids that were here last year would know about. The breaks now are 5 minutes in between each class. This is a pretty decent amount of time depending on where you are headed and where your locker is located.

The 8 minute break from last year was very helpful it was the one time where you could relax and not rush to class. A lot of students really liked the 8 minute break but some students didn’t even realize that it was gone!

Besides the missing 8 minute break the new schedule works pretty well with the passing times. The one passing time that we should have more time for is between lunches. There is a 3 minute passing time! Most of the time the bell rings before you even get back to class! Sometimes it rings while you’re still trying to leave the cafeteria!

As long as you have a good grasp on where you’re going and the amount of time you have the 5 minute passing time is plenty of time to get to class. On the other hand the 3 minute lunch passing time should be at least 5 minutes considering traffic coming out of the lunch room.