Calling A Bluff: Directed Study

Sarah Chandler

Franklin High fooled students with last year’s promise to have directed studies be an open-like campus for students to get extra help. Instead they have banned students from leaving classrooms and upping the penalties if caught “Roaming”.

Administration claims the policy is for “making sure” students are not caught “mindlessly” wandering the halls and “causing a distraction” to other classes.

Makes sense right? “Not at all” shouts junior Josh Swenson frustrated at the fact that he is unable to receive help from a teacher hosting another directed study. Swenson shares his confusion stating that the student body should be “given the chance” to prove themselves trustworthy instead of “trapping” us in a classroom.

When asked what they could do to improve directed study for the following year Kathia Reyes did not hesitate to voice her opinion. “Ya’ know what would be amazing? Study sessions.” adding that it is “simply annoying”” to be given an opportunity like this and not be deemed “trustworthy enough” to get extra help.

After all it is a right privilege for us to be given the chance to ask questions on school work during school hours at school.

Students, If you were in charge of the Directed Study program what would you change? If you want your voice heard write below.