End the Use of Hateful Words TODAY

Molly Bond

We’ve all heard it. The r-word. Used, in most cases, to put somebody down for one reason or another. The use of the word in these situations is so unbelievably wrong on so many levels, and it is disgusting how frequently and casually it is thrown about in everyday conversation.

Why do you do it? You must have been chastised at least once for it by someone morally “in the know”. So why continue to, whether intentionally or not, put down people who had absolutely no choice in the way they were born?

Perhaps you are uninformed on the matter. Well here, let me clear it up for you. People who are literally mentally retarded were born different from everybody else. They may have more trouble in communicating, learning, or adjusting to society. They did not choose to be this way. They just were. And in calling someone the r-word, again, whether intentionally or not, you are partaking in a cruel, unacceptable act.

This is not the only word that is so completely infuriating to me. Any slur associated with sexual orientation, race, gender, and so forth used to insult is considered utterly deplorable by anybody with any sense when it comes to ethical standards, including me.

So here is your warning. If you want to avoid being cast into the category of “cruel,” “barbaric,” or “hateful,” stop using these words today. Or continue hurting people who had no choice.