We Need Current Events!

Nicole Morelli

A student can tell you who was president in the year 1910; a student can even tell you all about Lewis and Clark and their journey across America, but can a student tell you about all the events that went down on 9/11? Can a student tell you who they want to be president and why? Most likely, they can’t answer these questions.

It is insisted that school systems teach us the history of America and of the world, but what is the point when it does not help us today? Most kids these days have no idea what is going on in the USA. No kid can even begin to recognize what America will have in store for them when they are on their own.

Recently, my history class discussed the events of 9/11. It was very upsetting to learn that almost half of the students in my class had no idea what truly happened on that fateful day. Many students did not know that the fourth highjacked plane, which was crashed in a field by several courageous passengers, was originally targeting the White House. Several students didn’t even know that another airplane struck the pentagon. “I was too young to even remember,” a student in my class had said.

I believe that schools should have a mandatory current events class. Or, if schools don’t want to add a full dedicated class, they should create a new lesson plan for our history classes where, for a month or two, we discuss the current events of the US.

Kids these days grow up oblivious to their surroundings. No one is teaching us about what the world will have in store for us when we are older. Without knowing what is going on today, how will we ever survive tomorrow?