Today’s Lunch Special: Chaos

Karley Newton

Trying to walk through the hallway to get into the cafeteria during lunch period is like trying to teach a cow to fly….impossible. While a quarter of the entire school is trying to leave the cafeteria to go back to class, the next quarter is trying to get into the cafeteria to start their long awaited break. All the chaos created by the lunch shift is only further confused by the four incredibly long lunch lines that often spill out of the kitchen area of the caf, and into the busiest parts of the hallway.

The lines often cut straight through the hall itself, which makes trying to get to the cafeteria doors impossible. The only way to get through the commotion is to literally push your way through, which is neither safe, nor friendly. The people waiting in the lunch lines seem to get the worst of the situation too, because it appears that they’re blamed for standing in the hall, even though they are merely victims of circumstance.

After living with this situation for three years now, it makes me wonder why nothing is being done to try to remedy it. I don’t mean a complete reconstruction of the entire cafeteria, or anything drastic. Perhaps just making everyone line up for lunch in the side of the hallway, or at least leaving an opening for people to walk through. This way no one is pushing through to get to the cafeteria doors, and the kids who are buying lunch don’t have to deal with the dirty looks from kids who can’t get by.

I understand the functionality of having many lunch lines placed all around the cafeteria, but there has to be a more organized way of doing so.Getting a lunch quickly is no help if you can’t reach the place where you have to eat it.