Where’s the music at?

                   MTV short for “Music Television Viewer” is one of the most popular television stations on air all around the world. MTV was first introduced to television on August 1st 1981 with “Video Killed The Radio Star” as its first video. And For years before Youtube, Itunes, and even the CD, MTV was the go to place for new upcoming music. But now 30 years later, MTV better be described as the location for trashy reality TV stars to broadcast their ridiculous “entertaining” lives to the world.


                  In my opinion, music is timeless but watching people run amuck among society gets old quickly, and is something I am just not interested in watching. raises the question of why the only music seen on MTV is a 30 second clip between after shows and before commercials? The only answer I can imagine is that MTV gets more publicity from dense stars rather than genuine music and money is the motivation these days.