How to Transition Into Fall and Winter Fashion

catie flaherty

It seems as if the cold weather has take precedent over the once warm and sunny days and the colder seasons have officially arrived. The only problem is that with the early snow storms and quick move to chilly weather we have not been able to fully shift our wardrobe from our summer attire. Here are 10 simple steps that can be taken in order to fully embrace the new fashion seasons.

1. Add tights; This is a simple and easy step that can be taken in order to still wear our favorite skirts but without revealing faded tans or pasty complexions. Another benefit, the brisk winds will not leave goosebumps on our legs and keep everything warm without trying to hard.

2. Add a blazer; Those tank tops and tee shirts from summer do not need to be put away just yet. By adding a blazer to an outfit this reveals a little touch of class without going overboard. Another bonus is that these pieces come in almost every color if you wanted a pop of color and provide versatility within an entire wardrobe.

3. Invest in a good pair of boots; Boots can add a different vibe to any outfit and increase the overall look to a higher level of fashion. Investing is necessary because with improved materials a pair of boots can last one through both the fall and winter seasons when they are needed most. So ladies grab a shopping buddy and pick our your favorite style of boot asap!

4. Pair a scarf with an outfit; Make a boring outfit a little better with a simple scarf. These simple touches can show off your personality in fun colors and patterns, plus it can keep you warm on those cold mornings!

5. Experiment with makeup; Fall is all about the color. Play up your best features with a red lipstick, pretty blush, or eye makeup.

6. Try layering; Mix textures, colors, and patterns with each other for a unique look. Not only does this add interest to an outfit, but makes those arctic days a tad more bearable.

7. Cardigans are key; This is a simple staple that can add class to an outfit without even trying. It comes in endless amounts of colors so pick up your favorite!

8. Accessories can make the outfit; Jeans and t-shirt day? No problem, add a statement necklace or cuff and your ready to tackle the hallways at FHS without a fashion faux pas.

9.  Consider dyeing your hair; The red, auburn, and orange hues are super popular in the fall because of the changing leaves. Considering translating these inspirations into a darker, deeper hair color. Say goodbye to those sun kissed locks!

10. Jeans are always a staple; No one can ever go wrong with a good pair of jeans. A dark wash is best because it appears slimming and matches almost everything. They are an easy piece to dress up or down according on the occasion. PS, they look great with boots.