The Stress of Senior Year (so far!)

Sarah Fitzgerald



Senior Year is supposed to be fun right? Its supposed to be the year when you can cruise by and have no worries. But the beginning of senior year is extremely stressful. From balancing sports,completing homework, doing college applications and other “college stuff”, I guess you can say that we have it the hardest right now. But once I get into college, I want to actually be able to enjoy senior year. I have only applied to 6 schools, but someone I know is applying to 19 schools. To me, that is over the top. Imagine paying all of those application fees! I don’t understand why people apply to over 15 schools, it’s just ridiculous. Your only going to one school, so why apply to 19 schools? Make it easier for yourself and your parents!

I know this whole college process is going to be worth it, because I cannot wait to experience the college life! High school will be nothing like college, and I cannot wait to meet new people. But for now, I want to be able to get my “college stuff” out of the way and enjoy my last year of high school!Before you know it, you will be accepting your graduation diploma and going off into the world. So Seniors, don’t despair, enjoy your last year while it lasts and stay positive!