Homecoming: Yay or Nay?

This past Saturday Night, Franklin High School hosted its annual Homecoming Dance, which is in celebration with Spirit Week, as well as the Homecoming Football Game. This year, over 500 people attended, which is the highest number in the history of the event.

However, did these high numbers make the night a hit? “I like last year’s dance better” says Alicia Kutil, a Junior. “The atmosphere was just more fun for some reason. I still had fun this year, but last year was more enjoyable.”

I think the higher amount of people to attend the dance, led to higher expectations for a fun night. Last year, since few people attended, no one had an real expectations for the event, meaning the dance exceeded what everyone had expected. This year though, since everyone knew a lot of people who were going, everyone assumed the night would be fabulous.

Having attended last year myself, I can honestly say it was more fun than this year’s dance. I didn’t really know anyone, outside of the people I went with, so I wasn’t afraid to dance and act goofy with my friends.

Basically, in order to have an awesome time at a dance, don’t have ridiculous goals for the night. Just let loose and have fun, and don’t let one thing ruin the whole night. At the rate of increase, next year’s Homecoming Dance will be even bigger, which offers all FHS students another night to have a blast and let loose.