Foxboro Votes Against Casino Plans

Corey Flynn

Recently the Foxboro selectmen have voted 3-2 against putting a casino across from Gillette Stadium.

 Robert Kraft and Steve Wynn are very disappointed by the decision and have now called for a town-wide referendum on the casino plans. quoted him saying that he is disappointed because the selectmen are denying “the due process they are entitled under the state’s gaming law.”

 They promised that the casino would bring jobs and money to the town but the town believes that it will bring crime and violence.

 This decision by the selectmen is not a very smart one at all. If they build the casino there will be jobs created and the Town ofFoxborowill make millions of dollars each year.

 People complain that the casino will attract violence and crime? There is violence and crime everywhere already and Steve Wynn’s casinos are always classy and very nice.

 I just do not believe that just because they build a casino in Foxboro that all the crime is going to come out of nowhere.

 I don’t understand why the people do not want the town to make millions of dollars each year and have new jobs for people in a tough economy do not want the casino. They are losing out on a great opportunity.