Know How to Get Pumped Up without Regret

Sarah Chandler

Yesterday may have brought mild satisfaction to student drivers as gas dropped 2-cents after 12 weeks of non-stop rising prices, but the frustrations of paying $3.71 for a gallon when further up the road is a station selling a gallon for $3.60 can begin to tear at the individual’s sanity.

What a good majority of the population doesn’t know is that there is a way to seek out the prices per gallon at each local station without moving from the comfort of their house.

The website is called Massachusetts Gas Prices and provides a full listing by area code of the price per gallon at each station.

Everything on the website is run by word of mouth meaning that it is like a community in the sense that it runs on the updates on the individual.

For example, a person may have just gone to Shell station by CVS and paid $3.85 for his or her gas; he or she posts the location of the station and his price onto the website so others are made aware of the cost.

Franklin stations are usually updated between every 20 to 60 minutes making it an up to date source for anyone who is tired of falling victim to the “if only I waited a little longer to fill up my gas” scenerio.