Tablet vs. Netbook

Anthony Vendetti, writer

In this school we are forced to use these netbooks that half the time we aren’t even allowed to use. What I think should be done is replace the netbooks with apple tablets.

From the sources I have checked like says that tablets are at an extreme disadvantage for schoolwork because of their lack of a real keyboard,and safari which is not supposed to be as good as firefox which is what the netbooks have.

What I have found is that the netbooks the school has purchased are more expensive than tablets. The netbooks are around 290 dollars, while the average cost for a tablet is around 150 dollars.

“I would rather have a netbook because of the full keyboard and the it lacks some of the functions that the tablets have and he thinks those functions are critical.”Suprisingly Franklin High School senior Jason Fasano said he I personally do not agree with him because I would rather have an tablet because although the keyboard is a touch screen it has a larger keyboard.

“he would rather have a tablet because they are normally less cumbersome, lighter, and plus they are usually faster than the schools netbooks.”On the other side of the argument, says senior Tommy Corsi I agree with Tommy because most tablets are faster and lighter than the netbooks we have here at FHS.