These Halls are Meant for Walking

The main hall at 2:05.

The main hall at 2:05.

Aleena Abraham, Writer

Been there, done that. We all have. That guy in front of you walking extremely slow, when you’re trying to get to class? Or how about that girl whose eyes are glued to her phone and doesn’t look up to the halls once? Seriously, what’s more annoying than that?

I asked a number of FHS students from every grade what they think about this.

“They make me so mad because I’m trying to get to go to class and if they’re all slow in the hall, I can’t get to class on time” said Tara Lambert, a sophomore.

Jay Tiernan, a Junior talks about some things they do that slow people down in the halls: “Tight corners, stops to talk to friends, goes through the left door instead of the right, randomly turns around.”

Even freshman have encountered this in the hall. “I don’t like when I’m trying to get from K wing to A wing, and there are people just standing in the middle of the hallway not doing anything. Just because¬†you don’t need to be anywhere, doesn’t mean others don’t have to be somewhere either. People need to be mindful of the others around them.” said 9th grader, Kalen Hughes.

Senior, Erin Lee has experienced this a number of times throughout her 4 years at Franklin. “I would appreciate it if people had the consideration to be aware of others around them. Now, I’m a particulary fast walker but still people walk extremely slow in the school. As a senior, I have experienced classes in every part of the school and I don’t understand how people could think that others around them don’t have to go across the school to class. To those people: move it or lose it.”

As you can see, everyone is angered by those who dilly dally in the hall, so why do people do it in the first place? Beats me. Thoughts anyone?