Dreaming of a White Christmas

Rachel, Writer

Is it just me, or is the thought that Christmas is less than two weeks away a bit overwhelming?

Maybe it’s the fact that December has been unusually mild and sunny, or perhaps it’s simply the weight of homework and essays bringing down the jolly spirit. After all, high school does take up a rather large chunk of time, and teachers certainly aren’t holding off on the exams as we approach the 11-day vacation.

“It doesn’t feel the same because students are getting so bogged down by schoolwork. I still have to wrap all of my gifts and catch up on so much work at the same time. We even have projects and essays to do during break, so it’s not even a real break,” comments Junior Allison Klowan.

Either way, there’s no denying that this holiday season hasn’t been the same without a dusting or two of snowflakes—whether you enjoy the chilly winter or not, there’s just something special about waking up to a “White Christmas”.

And it’s true: snowfall levels in Massachusetts have been extremely low these November and December months. Plus, with recent weather reports predicting a dry, sunny Christmas day, the prospects of a winter wonderland are quickly dwindling away.

Nevertheless, there’s still a chance (here’s hoping)! According to the Weather Channel, it’s all about the history of snowy weather in the Northeast, which has been quite varied these past few years; although we’re not seeing the snow yet, forecasts are still taking into account future storms and the potential for cold spells.

“I love waking up on Christmas morning and seeing snow. It’s so pretty and calming, and it really sets the holiday mood…so yes, I’m definitely looking forward to a snowy Christmas! It also makes me even more excited than I already am for Christmas,” exclaims Erin Moreau, a hopeful FHS student.

In reality, the possibility of a December blizzard is out of our hands—but in the meantime, it’s all about the wrapping paper, sugar cookies, and green trees!

Plus, whether it snows or not, we have to remember that it’s still the holiday season…so don’t let the weight of schoolwork get you down. Give a gift, make someone smile, and keep your fingers crossed for a White Christmas!

Are you looking forward to a White Christmas?


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