The Truth Behind Organic

Rachel O. , Writer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a McDonald’s or Burger King in your life. How about a Panera or a Wendy’s?

I’m going to take a guess and say that about 95 percent of us are guilty of visiting one of these iconic fast-food restaurants for an extra-large fry or a chocolate milkshake—after all, it is convenient, and with shiny yellow arches springing up at every corner, it’s hard to refuse.

Let’s be honest: French fries are good. Double Bacon cheeseburgers are really good. Dark chocolate brownies are downright delicious.

Plus, with our busy and stressful schedules, who wants to take the time and cook a full-blown gourmet meal for dinner every night?

You see, here’s where the issue begins. In our modern-day society, it’s all about “cheap”…and the commercials on T.V can prove it. Looking for a mouthwatering, cheap, satisfying lunch? Look no further! The McDonald’s Dollar Menu has everything you need!

Thus, we feel like we’re getting a great “deal” when we saunter out of the McDonald’s carrying a bulging bag of fries, a shake, a sausage-and-egg-McMuffin, and cheese Burrito for ONLY $5.

But here’s the catch, you guys. Here’s the thing we don’t tend to think about when we happily munch away at our McMuffin and Diet Coke—this food is the reason that 67 percent of all Americans are overweight or obese.

And, while I’m not trying to point the sole finger at McDonald’s and Panera (as there are many other contributing factors to this obesity epidemic), there’s no denying that McDonald’s food is nothing more than a pile of fatty, calorie-dense, salty, artificial junk.

Have you ever considered that this national epidemic may have something to do with the addictive, artery-clogging garbage our country has been consuming over the years?

Therefore, I truly believe that organic is the way to go.

For some unknown reason, most people our age wouldn’t even dare to touch organic food with a ten-foot pole.

We’re so accustomed to those drive through stops at Burger King and packaged T.V dinners that everything else seems abnormal. Some of us even avoid organic products because it’s “just too expensive” compared the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.

Others, such as Junior Allison Klowan, are open to trying out organic and locally-grown food, but can’t because they don’t have access to it. Thus, since most of us don’t yet buy our own food, we’re dependent upon the meals our parents produce.

“I would rather eat healthy foods, but what is in my house usually isn’t that healthy,” Klowan states. “So, I guess it’s not my choice.”

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not suggesting that we completely remove all snacks and fast-food restaurants from our lives, because I understand that it would be completely unrealistic. All I’m asking is for you to understand that organic food truly isn’t as scary and disgusting as it’s been made to seem.

In fact, healthy living may have more benefits than we thought: according to recent research organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C, omega-3, cancer-fighting antioxidants, and because they are completely free of harmful pesticides, they also benefit the environment as well.

Therefore, by consuming organic produce, you are directly supporting the prevention of chemicals from both the air and our bodies, which consequently promotes biodiversity.

Again, it’s totally fine if we stop by a McDonald’s every once a month or so—as long as we practice moderation! We should begin to view these fast-food places as a “treat” rather than a “regular”, and that way we can begin to bring our country back on a healthy, chemical-free, agriculturally prosperous, and environmentally-friendly track!

Whether it’s a single visit to a local Whole Foods or simply incorporating more fruits and veggies into your lunch bag every day, I can guarantee you that an organic lifestyle will have a tremendous impact on both your own lifestyle and the ones around you. So go ahead…give it a try!

Have you ever tried organic food?


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