Is Netflix Worth the New Price?

Natalie Downie

As of May 9th 2014, Netflix raised its monthly fee to $9.00; $1.00 more than what is used to be. Fortunately, for users who have already signed up for Netflix, they do not have to pay $9.00 per month until May of 2016.

I don’t think this should upset any Netflix users because $9.00 is a very reasonable price for all that they offer. Not only do they allow you to watch almost all of your favorite movies, but also every single season of popular T.V shows. They also offer old movies that you cannot find anywhere else.

Netflix needs the extra money so that they can continue to pay for more original programming. Most people have heard of or seen the series, Orange is the New Black, which is one of Netflix’s own. If viewers want to continue to see great series such as this one they should not have a problem paying the extra dollar.

Some of the best films that Netflix has to offer are Safe Haven, The Silence of the Lambs, Blackfish, and An Officer and a Gentleman. They also have popular television series such as One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Lost. Paying $9.00 instead of $8.00 a month for all of this and more is not a big deal. I think the best part about it is that I can be watching a show in one room, and someone else can be on the same account watching a different show in another room.

For people who are against paying the $9.00, Netflix is offering an $8.00 per month deal in which it will only show standard definition video, and only one person can be on the account at a time. The $9.00 deal is far more worth it.