Oh My God! Is It My Fourth Year?

Franklin High School has been around for so many years and during all those years, at the end of each year it gets to say good bye to seniors and welcome new freshmen into the school. Students from different middle schools in Franklin get to join together in one grade where they will spend the four years in Franklin High School and then graduate. In fact, Franklin High School is considered a “melting pot” of three middle schools Annie Sullivan, Kennedy and Horace Mann.

I, Queen Butahe am a member of Panther book Program, I had a chance to interview some of the students of class of 2011 about their four years in Franklin High school and what they wanted to say about them. Dan Simon said, “I can’t believe how fast the years went. It has been a great four years”. When I asked him about his first year, he added, “At first it was scary because it is a very big school, but joining sports really help me to make new friends”.

Not only Dan Simon who wanted to share his experience in Franklin high school, other students like Billy Barrera, Haley Richards, Ben Balon, Jay B., Sean Gearin Lloyd Mann, Mike Sednale and Alex Tadded and  Mitchell Scuzzarella were very open minded when it came to how they coped with their four years in Franklin High School. They all agreed in saying “the best way to enjoy your time in high school is to do sports and join different clubs as many as you can fit”.

When I asked about what person played a great roll their four years in high school, their responses were all over. Some pointed their parents, some their teachers and some pointed their friends and themselves. Lloyd Mann, Mike Sednale and Alex Tadded said, “My father has been very helpful to me especially when I started high school. He is a reason of where I am today” and trust me, Lloyd is in good place. Ben Balon and Haley Richards said, “We owe it to the drama teacher, Ms. Waters. She made us love grammar something that I never thought I would love to do and enjoy doing it”. Other students like Dan Simon and Billy Barrera gave thanks to Mr. Thitherward, a biology and Chemistry teacher. Alex Taddeo even said “thank you Mr. Light” the Franklin high school principle.

For their best high school moments, they all had different things that they will remember. Alex Tadded said, “The Rachel’s Challenge program changed my life. It made me appreciate my friends and family more and challenge me to treat other people like how I would like to be treated”. Billy Barrera said, “Playing sports in high school has been my best time in high school”. Other students Haley Richards, Ben Balon, Lloyd Mann, Mitchell Scuzzarella, Sean Gearin, and Jay B. added their best time memories are “spending time with friends and doing drama and different clubs that we like”.

These were some of the comments that the students in the class of 2010 shared with me about their four years in Franklin High School. Although they were different from one another and not all of them went to the same middle school, they all managed to have a great time in Franklin High School and enjoyed their fellow classmates. They said “Franklin High School was a better choice for them and they are well prepared to go to the next level of education, college”. Most of them add they are not sure of what they might major in college and others were sure about what they want to do in their lives. Ben Balon and Haley Richards want to study in Libral Arts in college and their dream is some day to be in movies.

No matter what, Billy Barrera, Haley Richards, Ben Balon, Jay B., Sean Gearin, Lloyd Mann, Mike Sednale, Alex Tadded, Mitchell Scuzzarella and Dan Simon are ready to go to college and become better people in our society and help our great nation of America. These students are just a few from the class of 2011. They are the future generation and are ready to face the worlds challenges with no fear in their hearts because they had no regrets in attending Franklin High School.

Writtern by Queen Butahe,