Walk for a Cure

Karley Newton

This past Saturday, September 24, 2011, the Juvenile Diabetes Committee held its annual Walk for a Cure at the town common from ten in the morning to twelve in the afternoon. Over one hundred people attended to help raise money for a cure, and to date they have raised over ten thousand dollars.

During the walk, volunteers painted participants faces, sold plastic duck toys to help raise even more money, and gave out free food from donating participants. Music played from the gazebo in the center of the common, and people affected by the disease walked for a cure wearing yellow shirts in support of it.

The weather was forecasted for rain and fog, but the sun came out on that Saturday morning.

Overall, the Diabetes Walk was very successful, and helped raise several thousand dollars this year alone. Hopefully one day a cure can be found for the disease that effects many inFranklin.